Who is Dr. Marcia A. Walker?

Dr. Marcia A. Walker–a graduate of Northeastern University, adjunct professor and physician trained pharmacologist.  Dr. Walker is here to explain her vision of how to expand patient education services in the primary care physician’s office.  Trained by a physician, she brings a unique clinical eye to this care setting. She has completed a doctorate in the field of Pharmacology and is currently pursuing a second doctorate in Health Educational Research, with a focus on disease-based health education and care outcomes.

Additionally, Dr. Walker is an expert who specializes in medication assessments, care plan assessments, and patient education initiatives.  Her extensive experience in primary care practice gives her a unique skill set and training needed to support physicians and to meet and exceed a patient’s health educational needs.

Dr. Walker is also a clinical patient safety specialist and is licensed through the Mass. Department of Health. Dr. Walker brings with her a wealth of skills and knowledge for both hospital clinical services and primary care services. 

 Currently, she is the Chief Executive Officer of Rx2Educate, an evidence-based health education, and training company. In her role as a Lead Physician Liaison, she works with a team of nurse practitioners and specialized medical assistants in buffering physician’s time in support of patient care.

Since we don’t believe in the “one size fits all” mentality, Rx2Educate is devoted to advanced professional training and patient education while effectively integrating technology into advanced primary care clinical practice.

See Dr. Walker if you would like to know more about or get your HealthGrades TM Score.  The HealthGrades Score can be the just tool your physician needs to gauge adjustments to care, medication regimens and care plans, and can also provide answers to questions on how health education can improve your health status.